Dazzling in an array of talents, Vihan Moodi—best known simply as "Vihan"—is a dynamo of innovation and creativity. Born on March 31, 1993, in the scenic Birjand of South Khorasan, Iran, he was cradled in a family steeped in intellectualism and artistic flair. Vihan's father, the esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Jalil Reza Moodi, and his mother, the multifaceted psychologist and artist Mahrokh Zahra Rakhshani Poor, were his earliest inspirations. His journey was also shared by his two brilliant younger brothers, Dr. Farzan Moodi and Masih Moodi.

As a prodigious talent, Vihan's academic journey commenced at the prestigious NODET high school where he clinched a Diploma in Natural Science. From there, he pursued his passion for medicine at the renowned Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS).

But Vihan isn't just a Physician-Scientist. In 2019, he conceived 'Vihland', an umbrella for the myriad pursuits that define him—be it authoring a plethora of medical articles and books or serenading listeners with his musical debut, "Vih-Fi". A man of diverse interests, Vihan's soul is also captivated by the breathtaking beauty of nature and flowers, evident in his evocative photography.

Author, actor, musician, photographer, entrepreneur, philanthropist—the titles might be many, but the spirit is singular: Vihan Moodi, an unstoppable force of talent and passion.