Vihan Moodi, well known as Vihan, is a Physician-Scientist, Author, Actor, Musician, Photographer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist born on 31 March 1993. He grew up in Birjand, South Khorasan, Iran, ‎with an educated ‎and supportive family who encouraged his interest in medicine at an early age. ‎His ‎father, Dr. Jalil Reza Moodi, is a psychiatrist, and his mother, ‎Mahrokh Zahra Rakhshani Poor, is a ‎psychologist and an artist. He has two ‎younger brothers, Dr. Farzan Moodi and Masih Moodi. He studied ‎at the National ‎Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) high school‎ and ‎‎achieved a Diploma of Natural Science‎. Vihan continued to study medicine at the Tehran ‎University of ‎Medical Sciences (TUMS). Vihan founded Vihland in 2019, covering a wide range of areas he pursues ‎professionally. As a Physician-Scientist, ‎he authored numerous articles and books in medical science. ‎He started His ‎career in music with the song Vih-Fi. He is fascinated by ‎nature and ‎flower photography.‎